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SVH SERVICES: BRAAC, Adult Services (Katie's Place), Family Services,

Our mission is to meet the needs of individuals with unique challenges across their lifespan.

raised $13,045.00

Allison Clary

Hey friends and fam! I have been with BRAAC for almost ten years. BRAAC serves individuals ages 2-22 with ASD and other unique learning challenges. We are in great need for a technology upgrade! Since we are a non-profit organization, we are looking to you, our community for help. Can you help us

raised $0.00

Anthony Cline

To help kids with special needs to reach their full potential

raised $40.00

Ashlyn Huffer

Our organization has a goal to raise a total of $10,000 to help with technology for all of our locations. Any donation helps!

raised $0.00

Bethany Mazurek

Help us raise $10, 000 for technology to help our kids communicate more effectively!

raised $165.00

Brittney Davis

Please help me raise money for a good cause!

raised $25.00

Christina Giuliano

Please consider helping me reach my goal of $250 to help SVH Services use technology to impact the lives of individuals across the lifespan! This technology can include text-to-speech programs to give individuals a voice for the first time AND a completely new system to track students programs and p

raised $250.00