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Children's Assistive Technology Service

Children's Assistive Technology Service (CATS) provides for the re-use of pediatric rehabilitation equipment and devices in Southwest and South Central Virginia. CATS serves as a no cost resource to children with disabilities who need adaptive equipment and whose families have limited resources.

raised $15,065.00

Children's Trust

At Children's Trust our mission is to prevent and reduce the occurrence and trauma of child abuse and neglect.

raised $16,351.00

Clean Valley Council

The Clean Valley Council provides educational programming and citizen outreach activities advocating litter prevention, recycling, waste stream reduction, stormwater pollution prevention and sustainable use and protection of our natural resources. 

raised $810.00

Community High School

Community High School is a small, secular, independent college preparatory high school located in downtown Roanoke City, grounded in the liberal arts, with a commitment to seminar-based classes.

raised $3,046.00

Community School

Since 1971, Community School has been a leader in progressive education in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Serving children from age 3 through middle school, we provide education of the highest quality for children of all racial, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds.

raised $6,160.00

Creative Therapy Care

Our Mission
Creative Therapy Care supports children and adults with special needs through the use of occupational and speech therapy incorporating animals. 

raised $355.00

Cultural Arts for Excellence

the CAFE is an after school program located in the heart of NW Roanoke that focuses on the arts.  It strives to expose middle school students throughout Roanoke to the world outside of their neighborhood.

raised $1,205.00