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Craig County Recreation and Conservation Assoc.

$3,500.00 contributions
18 donors

Raised: $3500Remaining: $1338

An organization of Craig parents having the desire to enhance educational, recreational and conservation opportunities for County youth, created the Craig County Recreation and Conservation Association (CCR&CA) in 2005. Since there is no parks and recreation program or regulation ball fields in the County, the CCR&CA secured a Board of Directors, sports directors and coaches, and implemented committees for special projects and fund raising.  A nonprofit organization, CCR&CA has acquired a State Corporation Commission Charter (Id. # 0721653-4), and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN # 27-3076198).  In addition, the Association works in collaboration with the County of Craig, New Castle Town Council, Virginia Cooperative Extension Service, and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR) to share expertise and resources.

The mission of the CCR&CA is to continue to develop and maintain the multi-purpose recreation and conservation area for Craig youth and families.  With assistance from VDCR, an 18 acre site was purchased in partnership with the Craig County IDA in 2008. The Association now has the property and is developing the Craig Field of Dreams, a sports complex and recreation area. The CCR&CA also coordinates all youth league sports programs in the County. The all volunteer Association essentially serves the function of a county department of parks and recreation, and is quite successful in doing so.

The recreational complex and resulting activities are making a tremendous impact on the citizens and economy of Craig County.  Not only does it provide a basic community service that enriches our rural County’s natural assets, but serves as a multi-generational, multi-purpose complex for local, area and eventually state sporting events.  Research indicates space for youth recreation increases opportunities for developing physical and mental fitness, cultivating good sportsmanship and the joys of being part of a team, providing alternatives for at-risk behaviors and promoting over-all healthy lifestyles.

The area will also serve as extra space for school ball games, the pavilion a place for family and group activities, and the adjoining creek a way to improve conservation and stewardship practices. Tourism opportunities will expand as visitors attend tournaments and events, resulting in retail sales growth as well as tax revenue, a real enhancement for the County’s economic development.

In order to implement the mission and develop the Craig Field of Dreams, funding has been acquired from individual gifts and donations, a County-wide auction, major grants from the Virginia General Assembly, the VA Department of Conservation and Recreation, Foundation for the Roanoke Valley, Roanoke Women’s Foundation, County of Craig and Craig IDA, New Castle Town Council, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Craig-Botetourt Electric Coop, Adams Construction Company, fund raising projects and numerous in-kind donations and volunteer efforts.  However, just as we enter one of the most expensive phases of the project, the infrastructure, the market of funding sources have become limited and deeply fragmented.  We can’t let these factors keep us from succeeding, so we need to work even harder to support the Craig Field of Dreams sports complex for our children and maintain financial sustainability for the project.

One parent said "My son played basesball this spring for the first time and absolutely loved it! His coach was adept at teaching the boys the skill of the game, but also at building teamwork and sportsmanship."

The $4,837.68 RVG goal is to construct a set of dugouts for fields three and four at the Field of Dreams.

Robert D donated $50.00
by Anonymous donated $25.00
ADAMS CONSTRUCTION C donated $2,000.00
Susan and Tom B donated $300.00
Martha M donated $25.00
Jenny B donated $250.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


I can't wait for the first full weekend tournament play. What a great facility that Craig really needs!


Such a wonderful project!


Thanks for all the hard work toward making the "dream" a reality.


Thanks for believing in our County and Children