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Angels of Assisi

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Three words that describe the essence of why we exist...Help is Here

- providing shelter and care for homless pets
- providing affordable veterinary care to keep pets healty
- providing care and rehabilitation to animals from cruelty and neglect cases
- providing shelter and care for pets of domestic violence victims, hospice patients, and the homless
- providing support to rural shelters with little resources, literally saving the lives of animals
- providing veterinary care and spa/neuter to some of the poorest communities in the United States
- providing love, comfort, and care to animals caught in natural disasers

When you give to Angels of Assisi you are providing for people and pets in their times of greatest need. With your support, we're able to continue to be a resource for the community and ensure that Help is Here.

Angels of Assisi seeks to change the traditional definition of an animal shelter by offering services and programs to benefit the community, the people that live there, and the pets they love. The organization operates the largest private animal shelter in the Roanoke Valley, as well as a low cost Community Pet Clinic and farm animal sanctuary. Through the Community Pet Clinic and Adoption Center, Angels of Assisi is able to provide resources to pet owners to keep their pets happy and healthy. The adoption center puts emphasis on these services to help people be able to keep their pets over turning them in to the shelter. Angels of Assisi strives to be a resource to the community and also offers services to area and rural shelters to help end the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets.

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