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Blue Ridge Literacy

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BRL Champions The Power Of Literacy To Lift The Entire Roanoke Valley




The poverty rate in Roanoke is well over the state average at 21.8%.  Almost HALF of adults living in poverty function at low literacy rates, which makes it difficult to obtain higher paying jobs, achieve US citizenship status, or complete a high school equivalency exam.  These numbers alone indicate that over 10,000 people in Roanoke struggle with literacy skills.

Couple Roanoke's low literacy population with the fact that over 13,000 immigrants and refugees are living in the Roanoke Valley.  Many of these individuals need ESOL classes and tutoring in order to function fully in a new community with a language that is unfamiliar.  We see over 350 of these learners at BRL every year.

Investing in Blue Ridge Literacy means investing in improving the literacy skills of hundreds of adults in our area.  With a more literate community, we will see an increase in high school graduation rates, a decrease in poverty, and a more civically engaged society.  By investing in a learner at BRL, you are also investing in a family who can build a better life for themselves, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the entire region.

Blue Ridge Literacy needs YOUR support to continue offering intensive ESOL courses.  Currently, we offer four 10-week sessions of ESOL class per year at four different levels of instruction.  Your donation this Roanoke Valley Gives Day will help sustain this program by providing texts, workbooks, and materials for four different levels of class.  

We'd love for you to see your investment at work.  Email to schedule a time to observe one of our ESOL classes.

Thank you for your generous support.  Your investment helps hundreds of individuals achieve their life goals through literacy!

LInda Angle M donated $50.00
Charles M donated $100.00
Jennifer S donated $200.00
Lucy and Jim L donated $100.00
Genevieve G donated $10.00
Samuel L donated $25.00

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In celebration of all that BRL does for the Roanoke community!


Reading leads to understanding


Thank you for helping to make Roanoke a Welcoming Place!


Love this organization-- they are doing critical work!