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Commonwealth Catholic Charities

$800.00 contributions
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Raised: $800Remaining: $1700

CCC provides hope and help to people in need across Virginia. Last year, over 52,000 lives were impacted by CCC's services. We have been at work in the Roanoke area for over 40 years through services like adoption, foster care, pregnancy counseling, housing and financial counseling, refugee resettlement & employment services, and St. Francis House food pantry.

The dollars raised during Roanoke Valley Gives stay in the Roanoke Valley. People come to CCC everyday seeking help. We are privileged to witness lives being changed—a child being adopted; a teen welcomed by a loving foster family and; and help to a refugee given new life in America. It is through the kindness and generosity of others that CCC is able to live out its mission of helping those in need each and every day.
At St. Francis House, for example, a Roanoke City resident can receive a three-day supply of food once every 30 days. Last year, close to 19,000 people were impacted through the food and other supplies provided by St. Francis House. 
CCC has also provided adoption and pregnancy counseling support service in the Roanoke Valley since 1967. Since that time more than 2,200 infants have found permanent homes with loving families. Services continue to evolve as the needs of young mothers have become more complex due to financial struggles, isolation from families of origin, substance abuse, and homelessness.
Finally, approximately 200 refugees are resettled each year in the Roanoke Valley by CCC. Approved for resettlement in the United States by the U.S. Department of State, they are in the country legally and are authorized to work. For over 40 years, refugees fleeing the Viet Cong, the Taliban, escaping wars in Bosnia, and Somalia, conflicts in Burma, Rwanda, Bhutan and many other places, made Roanoke their new home.  They learned a new language and culture, found work, raised their families, started businesses and contributed to our local economy and to a more culturally diverse community.
Many of them spent ten or more years in refugee camps and are in need of support for them to start new life with hope, dignity and financial independence. CCC strives to provide holistic services, including case management, employment placement and orientation, adult English instruction and education planning, and family mentorship and socialization support.

These are just a few of the programs that will benefit from your donation.

We are very grateful for your partnership in support of these services to our community!

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