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Craig County Public Library Inc

$1,065.00 contributions
13 donors
“A library is not about books - it’s about the people who use it and the interactions they have there…” --Dan Smith, author and Roanoke journalist.
Craig County Public Library, Inc is housed in an historic, 750 square foot building serving the 5200 residents of this Appalachian region. Visitor counts are steadily increasing (11,773 visits last year alone!) and crowding is a big issue as more and more families discover what this modern library has to offer.

The time of the shushing librarian is past!

The librarian has to know the current technology and teach patrons how to use it. While the delivery system for information changes from books and newspapers to computers and phones, the flow of information will never cease. Craig Library provides a variety of delivery systems to match patrons needs such as video, books, newspapers, internet, and Kindle readers along with staff happy to show anyone how to access and use them.

We strive to provide free access to materials for everyone:
Ø  Get lost in a story or in research – health, shopping, taxes, whatever the need
Ø  Library audio books for keeping drivers alert and entertained on road trips and commutes
Ø  Students taking classes on line and getting books they need for studying
Ø  Jobseekers applying for employment and creating resumes – with help right at hand

Internet access has become essential in today’s world
and the library provides it free of charge to everyone!

A public library portrays a community as a desirable place to live. A community which cares about literacy, art, local history, and its public spaces is a place where residents and visitors alike enjoy spending time and can bring along family. Libraries are refuges from the heat or cold of the day or from strife at home.

We envision an expanded Craig County Public Library to be a “Gateway to Discovery” for our town. It will continue to be a welcoming place for visitors and patrons with free access to information for everyone. 

Angela C donated $15.00
Charles L donated $25.00
Virginia M donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $100.00
Jennifer L donated $50.00
by Anonymous donated $100.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


The building may be "historic" but folks it is way way way too small.


The library is a great Community Center


So much packed into such a small place.