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DePaul Community Resources, Inc

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At DePaul, we believe the most important work we can do is open doors to hope and belonging. The services we provide in the Roanoke Valley to children, families, and individuals with disabilities demonstrate our commitment to building communities that can safely support our most vulnerable citizens.

Our services – including foster care, adoption, and services for individuals with developmental disabilities – help to provide safe homes, permanent families, integrated community support, and opportunities for deep healing. It is our mission to ensure safety, promote permanency, and improve the quality of life for the nearly 600 individuals we serve every day.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are approximately 1,544 children available for adoption who have yet to find a forever family.

Through our child and family services programs, DePaul Community Resources is working to change these numbers without ever forgetting what they represent: children and young adults with their own needs, obstacles, strengths, and dreams.

Our foster care program matches children and teens with trained, therapeutic caregivers ready to promote healing and growth. Every placement receives extensive support from DePaul staff, with programs in place for therapeutic mentorship, family reunification and preservation, and the transition to independent living.

Likewise, adoptions through DePaul Community Resources offer support throughout the process, from answering a potential parent's first questions to post-adoptive services including peer support groups, case management, and crisis intervention. We also offer community-based services and independent living program for teens.

We firmly believe that every child deserves to experience the sense of belonging that can only come from a loving home and a forever family, but we can't accomplish this alone.

Through our developmental disability programs, we are committed to providing person-centered services that empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live their lives to the fullest.

Our network of trained and screened sponsored provider homes opens doors to children and adults with developmental disabilities in need of specialized care in a compassionate, stable environment. These placements can be long or short term and are supported by DePaul's residential coordinators and caseworkers. DePaul also operates group homes for adults in Forest, Madison Heights, and Waynesboro.

Our OPTIONS day support centers, located in Forest, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Waynesboro, offer center- and community-based activities to help individuals build skills, forge meaningful connections, and lead richer lives. Activities at OPTIONS include art classes, social events, and volunteer opportunities.

The common thread between all of these services is simple: We help individuals and their families find unique solutions to their unique challenges.

For more information about DePaul Community Resources, visit our website at or contact us at 540.265.8923.
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