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F.R.E.E. Foundation

$100.00 contributions
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The Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment and Endowment
, also known as F.R.E.E., helps uninsured and underinsured adults in Virginia who have lost their  
mobility through illness or injury.  

F.R.E.E.'s mission is to acquire and provide mobility related rehabilitative equipment to maximize functional independence and improve quality of life.

F.R.E.E. collects, inspects, sanitizes, and repairs gently used mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, tub benches, shower chairs, and more.  This equipment is then redistributed to qualified recipients.  Qualifying criteria requires a financial need; 200% federal poverty level, and a medical need; doctor’s prescription.  
Why Choose to support F.R.E.E.?  Giving mobility equipment means people who need it fall less. This reduces ER visits, hospital stays and the need to move to nursing and assisted living facilities. Since many of those who receive equipment are uninsured, their healthcare costs would otherwise be a financial burden on community.  
  F.R.E.E. consistently achieves impressive outcomes. 
  For the first 3 quarters of 2015 individuals served reported       the following results:
    · 96% Greater Independence
    · 94% Able to stay in current Home Environment
    · 88% Decrease in Falls
    · 83% Decrease in  Emergency Room visits
    · 87% Decrease in Hospitalizations

Because of these prevented healthcare costs, F.R.E.E. saves hospitals, insurance companies, and communities money:
For every dollar invested in F.R.E.E. of Virginia, $67 is saved on medical care.

In 2015, The F.R.E.E. Foundation saved Virginia over $20million dollars by providing Medical Mobility Equipment to its clients.
To learn more about F.R.E.E., visit our website:  
David C donated $50.00
Bruce P donated $50.00

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