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Foundation for Rehab Equipment & Endowment

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Providing Independence Through Mobility!

F.R.E.E. has provided services for 20 years. 
With your help, we will provide greater services in the next 20!

In 2018, F.R.E.E. helped 2,408 adults with disabilities with 3,792 pieces of equipment valuing over $1,110,000 if purchased new. This equipment was provided to the community through reuse and recycling.  F.R.E.E. reuses walkers, crutches, canes, wheelchairs, powerchairs, shower chairs, bedside commodes, and more.   


Because of the support F.R.E.E. provided to our clients and their families, we were able to help people return safely home, increase their functional independence, and participate in the community instead of depending on it for the simplest task!  

F.R.E.E. has proven outcomes for 20 years maintaining over 80% in each critical outcome.  Our current clients served reported these outcomes:

- 98% have increased functional independence.
- 97% were able to remain living safely at home. 
- 306 individuals would have been prematurely displaced in a nursing home.
- 95% decrease in falls (1206 falls prior to service decreased to only 56 after service).
- 97% decrease in ER visits (838 ER visits prior to service decreased to only 28 after service).
- 96% decrease in hospitalization readmissions (786 prior to services decreased to only 33 after service).


These outcomes translate into over $23 million in medical cost saving due to avoided hospital re-admissions, avoided ER visits with ambulance services due to injuries from falls, avoided doctor visits related to falls and immobility, avoided premature skilled nursing home and assisted living admissions, and avoided caregiver job loss.  For every dollar given to F.R.E.E., $76 are saved in community medical costs. Your support multiples! The impact of using rehabilitation equipment is significant!   


Find us on the web at
facebook: F.R.E.E. Foundation of Virginia

Thank you for your support!

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