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Good Samaritan Hospice

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Support Medication Safety in the Home
During this year’s Roanoke Valley Gives Day, support Good Samaritan Hospice’s Medication Safety in the Home initiative!
Good Sam’s mission, to “affirm life in the midst of illness and grief and, above all, honor what matters most to each person and family served”, means that one of our primary goals is patient comfort.  Medications used appropriately are often the means to achieving physical comfort at the end of life. While we have always taken seriously our responsibility for medication safety, recent issues in our area regarding medication abuse and misuse has prompted us to look for better ways to assure the proper use, storage and disposal of patient medications through our Medication Safety in the Home Initiative.
The goals of our Medication Safety in the Home Program are to:
*Reduce the misuse of medications through patient/family education
*Implement strategies in high risk homes to reduce or eliminate medication misuse and theft
*Minimize the environmental impact of drug disposal
As a way to aid in the achievement of these goals, Good Samaritan Hospice uses Lockmed secure medication lock boxes to keep medications safe in a home and Deterra Drug Deactivation System pouches for effective and environmentally responsible drug disposal.
According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, 71% of persons who used pain relievers for non-medical reasons obtained them from a friend or relative. Because of Good Samaritan Hospice’s high use of medications for comfort during hospice and palliative care, we have a strong desire and the ability to be part of the solution to this problem. We are committed to patients to provide medications necessary for their comfort and to our community to see that these medications are used, stored, and disposed of safely.


Hospice is not a place but a philosophy of care for people with an incurable or life-limiting disease. When a patient enters into hospice care, Good Samaritan Hospice comes to them to provide compassionate and comprehensive services, whether their residence is a home, a nursing facility, or a hospital. Hospice care is provided most often in a patient’s home – the place where someone is most comfortable surrounded by friends, family, and familiar objects.
While the goal of most medical care is to cure, the goal of hospice is to provide palliative (comfort-related) care that enables a patient to live his or her final days as fully as possible surrounded by care, compassion, and dignity. The hospice philosophy sees dying as a natural part of life, yet we do not hasten nor postpone this natural process. The last stage of life can be a time for growing, sharing, cherishing and letting go.

Good Samaritan Hospice’s team is comprised of physicians, nursing staff, social work staff, chaplains, hospice aids, and volunteers who work together to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both the patient and their family and loved ones.



Make a gift to support Good Samaritan Hospice's many enhanced services which improve the quality of life for our patients and support the healthy grieving and reconcilitation of our patient's families.These services are at no cost to the patients and families and are uncompensated by insurance.

Volunteers work directly with patients and families, providing companionship, respite, and practical help such as running errands or transportation. Volunteers also help with
 office work and are involved in community projects.

Help Raise Awareness!
Every person who has Medicare or Medicaid is entitled to the right to request hospice care. Furthermore, Good Samaritan Hospice NEVER turns anyone away due to lack of ability to pay. Help us ensure that everyone knows the value of hospice care and where to find resources when the time comes that they or a loved one might benefit from hospice. Hospice should not be a last minute decision! Let Good Samaritan care for you, your loved ones, and your friends so that the final months of life are filled with comfort and meaning.
Start a conversation when you see an opportunity, be an advocate of hospice, share our story...

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you for your great work,support and love. It brought peace to our family, when we most needed it. From the Nelson-Reiner family


This organization is such a blessing to families.


The original hospice care and still the best!


Good Samaritan Hospice has done an amazing job in caring for my wife.