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Goodwill Industries of the Valleys

$1,790.00 contributions
20 donors

Raised: $1790Remaining: $210


Support Goodwill's Prisoner Re-Entry program!

Every day, the number of returning citizens in our community increases. Your support is needed so that Goodwill can help to end the cycle of recidivism. By providing assistance after incarceration, Goodwill enables individuals to improve their skills so they are more competitive in the job market. Together we can empower them to be more independent.

Last year, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys helped 894 people who had a criminal background. Through the Prisoner Re-Entry program specifically, 479 individuals received assistance after incarceration to help them transition back into the community, with 126 successfully obtaining employment.

Services available through Goodwill Industries of the Valleys
Prisoner Re-Entry program include:

​Job readiness education
​Job search support
​Interview coaching
Resume development
Help to identify other community resources available to assist with successful return to the community

Currently, the only funding for Goodwill's Prisoner Re-Entry program comes from donors like you.


Over 89% of Goodwill's revenues support job training and employment programs that help people help themselves. The impact goes far beyond the individual successes of those participating in Goodwill programs. Families are stronger and more financially secure; local businesses benefit from a well-trained and committed workforce; and our community has more citizens who are able to contribute, give back, and make a positive impact.
You are changing lives through your support of
the Prisoner Re-Entry program at Goodwill!

For more information on Goodwill's Re-Entry program, click here.

Pegram J donated $75.00
Pam F donated $35.00
Alan E donated $25.00
Ariel L donated $15.00
by Anonymous donated $40.00
Mr and Mrs Michael L donated $300.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Attended the Real Goodwill tour this morning - highly recommend!


gift from Ann & Mike Levan


Proud of Goodwill Industries!