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Pathfinders for Greenways, Inc.

$21,224.00 contributions
177 donors

Raised: $21224Remaining: $3776

Special thanks to all our donors last year - all 275 of you. You helped us win $5000 in prizes.

Pathfinders for Greenways began in 1997 to involve citizens and volunteers in building Roanoke Valley Greenways. Pathfinders works closely with the Greenway Commission and localities to raise money for greenways, coordinate trail construction, train volunteers, and sponsor promotional events. Have you been on Murray Run or Wolf Creek Greenways, Mill Mountain or Carvins Cove trails? Thanks to Pathfinders for a big hand in building these opportunities. Pathfinders coordinates over 5000 hours of volunteer work every year and funds many of the little things like signs, benches, trees, and mile markers.

Don’t You Love the Greenways?
If you use the greenways, you are one of us. Do you bike, jog, walk your dog, ride to work, or join the pub run on the greenways? Do you read the interpretive signs or let your kid climb on the artwork? We have worked for years attending public meetings, pushing for greenways, telling folks how great they will be. Now that we have some, you too know how great they are. Help us to get more, go farther, connect them all together.
11th Gallop for the Greenways – May 13
The Gallop is the only race in the valley devoted solely to raising money for the greenways. Pathfinders has used Gallop funds – over $200,000 – for Roanoke River Greenway. There is more to build to bridge the gaps. Help us connect the valley.
Trail Building at Carvins Cove and Mill Mountain
Do you love to mountain bike, hike, or horseback ride? Pathfinders helped develop and write the trail plans for Carvins Cove and Mill Mountain and has been instrumental in building these trail networks. Four Gorge, Rattlin’ Run, Songbird, Tinker Creek, Wood Thrush, Star Trail. The list goes on. Where there are trails, there we are.
Trail Building for Blueways
Our latest, greatest project was installation of 206 steps to repair an eroded trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now you can launch your boat at the beginning of the Roanoke River rapids and enjoy our great blueway.
Finding Your Way
Do you use maps to get to trails and greenways? Paper maps, digital maps, phone maps? Pathfinders has worked with partners at the Regional Commission to develop these map databases, print paper versions, and get our networks included in phone and digital mapping systems. 
Don’t Stop Now! You can help. Join us in growing the greenway network. Our current projects include:
- Helping finish Roanoke River Greenway, connecting to Salem
 and Explore Park
- Building Rock n’ Roll Trail at Carvins Cove
- Repairing trail damage, like the causeway on Hotel Trail
- Maintaining mile markers on Roanoke River Greenway
- Sponsoring a new group: the Greenway Ambassadors, our own neighborhood watch
- Installing wayfinding signs
- Finding money for greenway amenities, like benches, signage, restrooms

Giving to Pathfinders for Greenways supports efforts to grow our greenway network. To learn more, visit 
by Anonymous donated $10.00
Chad C donated $15.00
Chad C donated $15.00
by Anonymous donated $10.00
Chad C donated $15.00
Chad C donated $15.00

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Keep connecting the greenways!


Thank you Liz Belcher for you dedication to the Greenway projects!


Money raised from Parkway Brewing's Small Batch for Charity!

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