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Kids Soar (formerly Community Outreach Program)

$5,410.00 contributions
36 donors

Raised: $5410Remaining: $14590


is a nonprofit organization which offers holistic programs to children, youth and families.
Literacy After-School – is a FREE 5 day a week program for K-3rd graders. Our goal is to have children reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade. Children receive homework help and tutoring, literacy instruction (using a research-based curriculum), recess, art, music, STEM activities, US history, nutrition, etc. Children are read to every evening at story time and a warm meal is provided each evening.  Children also have access to an on site library, clothes closet, summer camp and gifts at Christmas. Although our program is free, parents must attend our weekly family night, consisting of a class or work shop geared toward the parent. 
Youth Program – is a 2 night a week program for 8th-12th graders.  Youth are taught skills they will need to succeed in life such as; etiquette, financial literacy, how to job interview and are exposed to different careers.  They also learn about the community they live in and how they can give back to the community through service.
Adult Program – is held on Monday evenings @ 6pm. While early childhood literacy is our main goal, we also work with parents at weekly family classes and daily communication. We work to ensure that family, caregiver and child bonding and relationships are nurtured in healthy ways so children thrive. To keep families connected to their children and their children's care givers, Kids Soar holds family night once a week. Family night is the only cost associated with our program, parents must come, communicate, and show active participation in their child's future as they are the key to future success in a child's life. We partner with many other organizations to bring class or workshops to give our families skills, opportunities and education to be successful. 

Be a Superhero and invest in the future. 
Help a child discover their super power!




Thank you!

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Daryl D donated $50.00
Myrteen H donated $150.00
Donna H donated $10.00
Danielle W donated $25.00
Anne H donated $25.00
Rebecca H donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you for all you do for theses children and the adults


Thank you God for such a program as this; such a blessing to all!


In memory of teacher, Joyce Wood Ross.


Thanks for all that you do for our community