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Kimoyo LTD.

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Kimoyo Projects

Soccer Literacy for Girls

Soccer Literacy

Traditionally in Africa, young girls would leave school at an early age to join their mothers and sisters in the daily chores. The most time consuming chore being locating and retrieving water for the day’s use. To this day, girls all over Africa are still at a disadvantage educationally. Although many languages are spoken in Ghana, English is the language of business. Our program encourages English proficiency by incorporating the beloved sport of soccer.

Each year in Roanoke, we partner with the Roanoke Star Soccer Club to host a soccer tournament. All proceeds benefit Kimoyo and we collect gently used soccer equipment to take to Ghana.


Roanoke After School Programs

Afterschool Program

Kimoyo LTD. offers educational programs in cultural diversity to the Roanoke Public Schools and other organizations. These programs have three goals: to bring primarily African culture to life through history, storytelling, dance, music and art, thereby enhancing awareness and appreciation; provide resources for area elementary school teachers in meeting the Virginia Board of Education Standards of Learning with specific programs on the Mali, Ashanti, and Songue Kingdoms; and to help young people of the Roanoke Valley learn to appreciate their place in a world larger than their immediate neighborhood. Our education programs currently serve seven schools in the Roanoke Valley.


Microfinance women

Begun in 2007, the micro-finance program has made a tremendous  impact for each woman and her family. To date this program has provided funding to start over 130 businesses in Zebilla and surrounding villages in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Run by Kimoyo’s sister organization, the African Turning Point Foundation, loans ranging from $100 to $300 have funded a hairstyling business, a wholesale business of guinea fowl raising, and open air retail outlets for fried guinea fowl. As the loans to start these ventures are repaid, the funds are reinvested to support more small businesses. The program has plans for significant expansion in the near future. New adventures are starting daily but the true significance lies in the women’s capacity to learn how to build businesses, work collectively, budget, pay for school fees, and health insurance, buy medicine and save for her family’s future. When the woman is empowered, the next generation thrives.

Medical Center


The Na’aba Akparibilla Medical Centre (NAMC) provides care to over 90,000 people in 22 communities, 26,000 of whom are within easy traveling distance. Patients come from neighboring Togo and Burkina Faso to seek medical attention.

Kimoyo is working in partnership with a Ghanaian nonprofit organization called St. Luke Hospital at Kasei to assist the NAMC in upgrading its certification with the Private Hospitals and Maternity Homes Board from a clinic status (providing basic health care) to a full hospital status. This requires substantial staffing reorganization as well as facility upgrades and new construction.

The Clinic’s features currently include separate men’s, children’s and pediatric ward, a surgical suite, delivery room, laboratory, doctor’s office, consulting room, pharmacy, and the first ultrasound in a ninety mile radius. The complete hospital will be able to provide x-rays and house small groups of visiting doctors or medical students.

The NAMC conducts education outreach programs in the village of Zebilla and surrounding communities including:
– a simple research and outreach project with local family units, distrubting approximately 1,000 treated mosquito nets per year to families. A subset of these families are tracked for incidence of malaria in young babies when covered in mosquito nets, as compared with families not using the nets.

  • tropical disease prevention classes covering hygiene and sanitation taught to approximately 600 people per year.

  • monthly small group sessions on managing blood pressure and diabetes.

  • monthly small group sessions on alcohol abuse.

  • HIV education including extensive educational efforts to break down stigmas against HIV testing.

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