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League for Animal Protection

$2,610.00 contributions
26 donors

Raised: $2610Remaining: $2390

The League for Animal Protection (LAP) is a non-profit, no-kill shelter in the Roanoke Valley.  The LAP was formed in 1991 by a group of concerned citizens in response to an especially cruel situation in which 40 pets were deliberately trapped in an abandoned house and left to die. Our volunteers and supporters help rescue abandoned dogs and cats, giving them medical treatment, shelter and care until they can be given a second chance in a new home. To date, the LAP has helped find new, loving homes for more than 3,300 pets.  LAP services are funded by private donations, membership fees and fundraising events.  We are open every day from 8:00-11:00 a.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m.

We house more than 35 dogs and cats at the LAP.  Many animals that come to us are sick (lyme disease, heartworm, worms, etc.); almost all have needed and have received some kind of vet care.  The LAP rescues animals in need of help due to many different circumstances.  For example, we take in animals due to family hardships (divorce, financial issues, death).  Often people call us because they do not want to give their dog or cat to a shelter that euthanizes animals. We also rescue animals that are on the euthanasia list at shelters nearby.  The LAP also assists with needs other than adoption.  We give excess pet food to the local food bank.  We assist with special needs a family may have.  In the past we have provided fencing for a family that could not afford it as an alternative to keeping their dog on a chain.  We are available to the community to help give advice to people who call about a problem with their pets.  If we cannot help, we refer them to an organization that can. 

The LAP is staffed primarily by volunteers.  We have over 65 volunteers who spend time at the shelter cleaning, feeding and caring for the animals.  We welcome responsible adults who would like to volunteer to help care for the dogs and cats we house.  We are a small organization with only one paid staff member; our dedicated board of directors, shelter committee and officers are all volunteer.

Our animals have freedom to walk, run and move outside a cage.  None of our cats are in cages; they roam freely in the cattery and have many cat trees and shelves to cater to their love of heights.   Our dogs have room to run and romp on a hill and in our yard (not on concrete).  We can block off four different areas where our dogs can be free!  (They are in roomy cages overnight.)  Some are in the lobby on our sofas.   Because our dogs and cats roam freely in groups and receive attention from volunteers, they are socialized and ready to be in a family that may likely have other pets.

Please help us with a donation.  Any amount you can give is appreciated, no matter how small.  Donations to the LAP will be used for veterinary care, food, and housing updates for the animals we serve.  

George S donated $30.00
by Anonymous donated $50.00
by Anonymous donated $200.00
Randall W donated $150.00
Mary S O donated $500.00
Carole S donated $10.00

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Thank you for all you do to save the animals.


Thank you for protecting our four-legged friends.


Thank you for all you do


In memory of my dad and his faithful dog, Buddy