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The Legal Aid Society of Roanoke Valley

$710.00 contributions
8 donors

Raised: $710Remaining: $9290

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

We made a difference to over 100,000 people in our first fifty years; help us do even more in our next 50 years !

The Legal Aid Society of Roanoke Valley provides a full range of civil legal services to low income area residents, including issues involving housing, family, employment, consumer, and domestic violence. Free legal services are provided to qualified residents of Roanoke County and City, Salem City, and Botetourt, Craig, Bedford and Franklin counties.
Legal aid levels the playing field for everyone. It provides access to legal help in civil matters for people who cannot afford it otherwise, especially when it’s necessary to protect their livelihood, their health or their family. The quality of justice should not depend on how much money you have. Legal aid provides the fairness and access to justice that everyone deserves.

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Chip C donated $200.00
by Anonymous donated $50.00
Sara S donated $10.00
by Anonymous donated $25.00
DAVID B donated $250.00
Sam R donated $50.00

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