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Lutheran Family Services of VA, Inc.

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Building a Life of Possibilities

Remove barriers. Abundant possibilities.

Lutheran Family Services of Virginia helps adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain lives of abundance, well-being and grace, close to family and loved ones.

Supporting school-aged children
Our Roanoke-area Minnick Schools open the door to education and a more fulfilling life on any number of levels – whether that be helping students return to their home school or setting them on a vocational path that means dignity and independence at home and in the community. Highly trained educators help students learn about behavior choices, how to make better decisions, and how to respond to stressful and challenging situations.

Supporting adults with disabilities
Our Roanoke Day Support program provides adults with disabilities activity-based, skill-building experiences. Skill-building activities are provided in areas such as self, social and environmental awareness, sensory stimulation, fine and gross motor skills, personal care skills, communication, learning, problem-solving, and community-living skills.

Supported employment services
We work with individuals to develop a career path, prepare for the job search and to hone interviewing and job skills. Once they are on the job, we provide as much coaching as is required to be successful in the job. As new employees gain skill and confidence, we step back to allow them to build a community of support on the job. And, to make sure that the partnership is a success, we communicate regularly with employers to gather input and monitor satisfaction.

What else does LFSVA do?
Our 130-year-old organization assists vulnerable individuals at every stage of life, from placing foster children in supportive, loving homes to teaching students with emotional and behavioral challenges to empowering adults with disabilities. From our earliest days, we have helped develop abundant, successful lives at home, school and in the community.

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