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Local Colors of Western VA

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Local Colors celebrates over 25 years of growth of ethnic diversity in the Roanoke Valley.  Our mission began with a festival that celebrated 4 cultures represented in the community and now celebrates over 100 different ethnic traditions that have found a home in the community.  

Local Colors helps create a welcoming environment for newcomers to the community.  We help the international community to get connected to those that share their heritage and to get involved in the community at large. 

Local Colors is committed to providing opportunities to showcase our ethnic diversity.  All of these events are open to the public and free of charge including,  the annual festival held on the third Saturday in May that attracts about 15,000 and 4 to 5 smaller events per year that feature one culture at  each event.  Your donations allow us to keep these events free to the community so that no group is excluded from the celebration.  Additionally, your contribution supports educational outreach and culturtal competeancy training in the community. 

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