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Chris's Coffee & Custard / LovABLE SERVICES

$1,225.00 contributions
17 donors

Raised: $1225Remaining: $8775


LovABLE SERVICES, Inc. and Chris's Coffee & Custard

Where hot coffee meets cool friends!

We are raising funds through Roanoke Valley Gives Day
to provide scholarships for young adults with special abilities
to participate in our comprehensive job training program.

LovABLE SERVICES is our comprehensive job training company.  LovABLE SERVICES will support Chris’s Coffee & Custard.  Chris’s will be the job training site for LovABLE SERVICES.  We will provide a complete training program in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our shop will provide opportunities for young adults with special skills and abilities to enhance life skills, social skills and unique job skills training. We will match their skill set to a specific job to set our employees up for success!  Having a job will give them a sense of dignity, purpose, belonging, while developing independence.  

 The scholarships will be a blessing to many individuals and will provide them with job opportunities that they may not have had otherwise.  They will be able to develop skills and tools needed for successful employment opportunities.  And if they chose, also enabling them unique job skills to pursue employment elsewhere if they so desire. 


LovABLE SERVICES and Chris’s Coffee & Custard staff will include passionate and motivated support staff.  We will also have on-site job coaches who will provide assistance, training and supervision in the day-to-day operations and help bridge the gap between the community and the people with special abilities who are integrating themselves in the workplace and every day life. We will work together in order to not only touch our employees lives but also involve the community, emphasizing the impact that these individuals with special gifts and talents will have on other people they come in contact with.  We are excited about encouraging change in attitudes towards people with special abilities.  

Chris’s Coffee & Custard is going to be an amazing place!  Come and experience just how special these young adults really are!  I promise you will feel so much happier when you leave than when you walked in. Enter on the red carpet and get ready for a wonderful time!  Hugs and high fives are free and the smiles will warm your heart!  Once a customer comes to Chris’s, they will become a friend for life!  Even though they will love our products, they will want to come back for the unique customer service experience. These special individuals will definitely create positive changes in our customers and in our community!   


Elizabeth A donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $50.00
Daphne P donated $50.00
Sarah B donated $25.00
Alan R donated $320.00
Linda Angle M donated $50.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


A great opportunity for our special young adults to work together to serve the community & develop wonderful skills!


Please support this wonderful opportunity for individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. We are lucky to have