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The Making Foundation

$5,745.00 contributions
7 donors

Raised: $5745Remaining: $4255

Our Mission: Encouraging learning through hands-on experience.
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The world is full of creators. The Making Foundation exists to encourage the growth of the next generation of creative thinkers, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs. Whether that growth leads to a career in the skilled trades or a degree in industrial design, we’re here to illuminate the path.

The Making Foundation encourages learning through hands-on experiences. “Learning by doing” is offering students tools, hands-on experiences and problem-solving skills meant for the real world.

The Making Foundation creates after-school enrichment and summer school programs for late elementary, middle school and high school kids aged 8-18. The programs teach STEM concepts through an innovative, hands-on project-based curriculum, designed to teach kids problem-solving skills and the basic use of hand tools.

We are creating a generation of learners, eager to find solutions.

Inside our Maker Mart, kids are encouraged to learn from every mistake. We ignite creativity in a way that most students have never encountered. We believe that it is our duty to expose kids at an earlier age to skill sets that will allow them to develop the problem-solving abilities needed to take advantage of a world of new careers. Working with their hands gives students the empowerment and sense of accomplishment that they may not otherwise receive in a traditional classroom.

Our diverse curriculum continues to expand and projects evolve over time to fit the needs of the students and the communities we serve. 


Joanna G donated $250.00
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Mary H donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $5,000.00
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Thomas B donated $25.00

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The Making Foundation is doing incredible things for young people. Consider giving!