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Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley

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Founded in 1947 by local citizens, Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley (MHARV) is our community’s oldest nonprofit mental health organization. MHARV educates people about mental health and mental illness, connecting them with community resources for treatment and support.

Drawings by children in Forgotten Victims reflect the feelings they have experienced as a result of the trauma of domestic violence. 

Mental Health Advocacy
Access to mental health treatment continues to be a major healthcare need in the Roanoke Valley. Without treatment, many of the 22.1% of adults and 12% of children under the age of 18 who experience mental illness will go without care until their illnesses result in a crisis.  Through our mental health advocacy efforts and involvement in coalitions, Mental Health America is an active participant in public policy development and implementation on local, state, and federal levels.

Programs for Children and Families
Mental Health America educates and supports families of children and adolescents with mental illnesses or severe behavioral problems through the 12-hour Basics curriculum, provides opportunities for elementary-age children whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence to learn appropriate ways to express anger and other emotions through weekly meeting of Forgotten Victims skills-building groups, and teaches children, adolescents, and those who work with them about mental health issues.  

Mental Health Education
Mental Health America is committed to educating our community–professionals from various disciplines and the public at large–about mental health, mental illness, and treatment options. We work to spread the message that effective treatment of mental health problems will ultimately decrease the direct and indirect costs of healthcare to workplaces and society in general, increase employment and productivity, and reduce human suffering for individuals and their families.  Some of our popular educational programs include the annual Senior Extravaganza, the October MindMatters Film Festival, Mental Health First Aid, and the annual KidsFirst Symposium.  

Roanoke Valley Mental Health Care Collaborative

The Roanoke Valley Mental Health Care Collaborative provides free mental health assessments, psychiatric care and medication management, access to medications and lab services, counseling, and wellness/disease self-management classes to indigent, uninsured adults with mental illnesses who lack financial access to, or are ineligible for, services in any other system of care available in the community.

The goal of treatment is to decrease the severity of symptoms of psychiatric disorders, enabling clients to improve their performance at work or school, strengthen family and personal relationships, and enhance their day-to-day functioning.

The Collaborative is staffed by volunteer mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical psychologists, licensed professionals counselors, licensed clinical social workers, nurses, and assessment specialists.



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For the great cause of making mental health a community priority, and in honor of the very important CIT work for the Roanoke City Police. T