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Military Family Support Centers, Inc.

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Raised: $210Remaining: $14790

The Military Family Support Center focuses on Morale Programs, Welfare Programs, and Information Programs.  Together these programs provide a comprehensive support matrix on which families and units can depend.  While MFSC focuses primarily within these program guidelines, there is often the ability to provide support outside the scope of these programs through community involvement and support.

Morale Programs are intended to support and facilitate the creation of community support networks for military families.  The MFSC facilitates this through unit sponsored events, as well as multi-unit or multi-branch events, so families who live in our community have an opportunity to meet.

-Family Days     - Holiday Parties     - Free/Discounted Event Tickets

Support Programs are intended to offer emergency assistance or intervention in instances when families normal support network fail or are insufficient to meet their needs.  MFSC offers Emergency Assistance to qualifying member families who are able to demonstrate both current needs and future sustainability.  

- Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes     - Food Pantry     - Emergency Financial Assistance

Information Programs are intended to provide referrals for military families.  The MFSC gathers information about programs and support both military and community based, upcoming and continuing opportunities, as well as providing resource education.  It is our goal to enable military families better meet the daily challenges of military service through education and empowerment.

- Assembly Briefs     - Resource Fairs     - Assistance Referrals

For more information visit us at

Photo Courtesy of Adrienne Williams

Photo Courtsey of Adrienne Williams
Dorothy M donated $10.00
Dorothy M donated $10.00
Dorothy M donated $10.00
Dorothy M donated $10.00
Dorothy M donated $10.00
Dorothy M donated $10.00

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