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Mill Mountain Garden Club, Inc.

$2,005.00 contributions
33 donors

Raised: $2005Remaining: $2995

Mill Mountain Garden Club
The Mill Mountain Garden Club of Roanoke, Virginia works to stimulate and encourage the knowledge and love of gardening among amateurs, to aid in the protection of native plants and birds, and to promote civic planting, conservation, and care for our environment.  As part of the Garden Club of America and Garden Club of Virginia, our members are active locally and at the state and national level on these issues.  

We are a non profit 501c3 organization.

One of Mill Mountain Garden Club’s community projects, the Wildflower Garden, sits atop namesake Mill Mountain and adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The garden is over two acres of land carefully planted with wildflowers, native plants, as well as pollinators.  The entire site is maintained by members.

An outdoor classroom was built in the garden and is used for meetings and education.  The “Discovery Trail” within the garden needs to be upgraded with environmentally sensitive crushed stone to enable all children and visitors with disabilities to navigate easily.  Our goal is to raise funds for better paths and continuous refreshing of our wildflower stock. 
Susan L donated $50.00
Betsy F donated $25.00
Jane C donated $100.00
Rupert C donated $25.00
Tammy G donated $100.00
kitty t donated $100.00

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