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Creative Therapy Care

$355.00 contributions
7 donors

Raised: $355Remaining: $4945

Creative Therapy Care supports children and adults with special needs through the use of occupational and speech therapy incorporating animals. 
Music therapy is provided through Anderson Music Therapy Services on our newly expanded campus.  


We provide education to the public regarding the therapeutic benefits and advantages of working with animals, and also raise funds to provide these therapies to individuals with special needs, regardless of ability to pay.

Creative Therapy Care therapists are licensed in their respective fields and are specially trained to utilize animals as catalysts to encourage interaction and facilitate individualized goals.

Creative Therapy Care has a room renovated for expressive art.  Sensory integrative activities are now provided in the gym.  

                                                           Our goal is to raise a total of $5,300

$1,700 will be used to buy a wet felting machine. A wet felting machine would allow us to tighten up our felting projects up to retail standards. 

$3,600 will be used to replace our oil furnace.  

                                                                               Finished Felted Vest


Joy P donated $100.00
Michele R donated $100.00
Becky D donated $10.00
Louise D donated $100.00
Lorrie B donated $10.00
Philip and Gisela R donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


In honor of Mona Sams. She is a true innovator who has brought happiness to many.


A wonderful ministry for our special needs daughter