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Prevention Council of Roanoke County

$3,630.00 contributions
55 donors

Raised: $3630Remaining: $2370

What does LOVE look like? 

What does LOVE feel like? 

What does LOVE act like?

The Prevention Council believes love conquers all.  Love for our in our communities...CAN beat addiction.    This is Urgent Love.

Putting solutions and local resources at the fingertips of those who need it – shifting the conversation of addiction and personal loss out of the shadows and into opportunities to overcome our challenges.


LOVE looks like The Roanoke Valley, when we come together as a community.

LOVE feels like an accomplishment, when we identify and embrace innovative solutions that work.

LOVE acts like you.

Please support The Urgent Love Initiative. When we team up to help our community – kids, parents, colleagues, and neighbors to beat addiction... it's as good as puppy breath.


The Prevention Council 

Douglas M donated $60.00
William M donated $30.00
Jeff F donated $1,000.00
Michael B donated $60.00
Joe D donated $30.00
by Anonymous donated $60.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Good luck with this important work.


Go Nance! Love, Katherine and John


Keep up the good work Walt.


Thanks for all you do for our youth!!!