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Prevention Council of Roanoke County

$1,040.00 contributions
21 donors

Raised: $1040Remaining: $1960

The Prevention Council of Roanoke County is committed to promoting the healthy development of the Roanoke County community, with a special emphasis on youth.


Formed in 2001, the Council was created from the collective interests of educators, parents, law enforcment, healthcare providers, youth, treatment, other youth serving organizations, elected officials, and the recovery community to prevent alcohol, illicit drug use and related high risk behaviors among youth. Over the last decade, the Council’s collaborative approach to community problem solving has produced several positive outcomes, including lower rates of underage alcohol use in all five areas measured by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey since 2000. In 2010, the Council received the National CADCA Got Outcomes Coalition in Focus.  The Council has continued to recieve both state and national awards for their collaborative efforts with community partners locally, statewide and nationally.
The ultimate goal of the Council is to identify the critical risk behaviors and substance abuse issues that threaten the health and development of our local community. We believe, however, that public health issues, such as alcohol abuse, marijuana use,  and most recently, the heroin epidemic do not exist only in a school or particular social setting. In order to protect our youth from risky decisions and assist our families to stay safe and healthy,  it is essential that all prevention strategies adopt a community wide approach. 

Donations to our organization will go towards supporting our educational programs and preventative outreach efforts for youth leadership as well as parents and families in Roanoke County and surrounding communities.


Julie H donated $100.00
Janine U donated $50.00
Gene M donated $10.00
Anthony F donated $150.00
Mark L donated $50.00
Carrie P donated $100.00

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God save our youth!


I choose to give so that others can receive the gift of prevention


I choose to support the healthy development of families!