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Restoration Housing

$6,080.00 contributions
32 donors

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About Restoration Housing:

Founded in 2014, Restoration Housing (RH) helps low to moderate income, hardworking adults provide safe, secure, comfortable homes for their families through the rehabilitation and rental of neglected architectural resources within Roanoke’s historic districts.  Your donation not only improves the quality of life of the families who call RH properties home, it also supports healthy, sustainable neighborhoods by reducing vacancy and blight which in turn increases property values and deters vandalism and crime. RH also undertakes community impact projects which provide affordable rental options for nonprofit organizations seeking to expand services in low to moderate income neighborhoods as well as providing consulting services to mission minded developers, nonprofits, and government entities.

The Need:

Over the last ten years there has been an exponential rise in the number of households that rent in the US (over 37%) with 49% of those renters being low-income.  Locally, 21.9% of Roanoke City residents live below the poverty level which is equivalent to two minimum wage incomes.  Affordable rental options are often limited to the City’s aging housing stock, much of which is in desperate need of investment and repair.

Our Projects:

RH’s first rehabilitation project, 530 Day Avenue, was completed in December 2016.  After ten years of vacancy, it is now two spacious and high-quality rental units which accommodate workforce families. 

530 Day Avenue Before...

530 Day Avenue After...          

RH’s second rehabilitation project, 1018 Patterson Avenue, is slated for completion in early 2018.  Historic Tax Credits will be used to offset the cost of rehabilitating this property into comfortable and safe rental homes for two low-income families. 

1018 Patterson Avenue Before...

1018 Patterson Avenue After...

RH’s third project is the rehabilitation of Villa Heights, a historic structure located in Northwest Roanoke which is currently in a severe state of disrepair after sitting vacant for over ten years in ad
dition to being damaged by fire in 2011.  This will be RH’s first community impact project, providing space to the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Virginia for the expansion of their after-school program.  

Villa Heights Before...

RH’s fourth project, 326 Dale Avenue, is slated to begin construction in the fall of 2019. Plans include three rental units and office space for counseling services.

326 Dale Avenue Before...


For more information on Restoration Housing please visit us on the web and follow us on Facebook

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Alison B donated $20.00
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Cyrus P donated $50.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


For one of Roanoke's great causes!


Keep up the good work RH!!!


thanks for all you do


Love what Restoration Housing is doing for our community! Thank you!