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I Support Roanoke Ballet Theatre's Black Box Series

Roanoke Ballet Theatre

Raised: $750Remaining: $0

                        I started Ballet at the age of 10. I was made fun of for it at school, however I knew this was my calling in life. I have danced at many different companies and made so many wonderful friends as my career progressed. Roanoke Ballet Theatre Stands out from all the other places I have been because I feel at home. Everyday I'm pushed to become better and stronger, the environment is tough but encouraging. Working with Rolando Sarabia is amazing and I don't want this to end. Only with your help can we secure Roanoke Ballet Theatre's future in Virginia. Arts can only servive if ordinary people stand up and say they are worth saving. Please consider donating to RBT. If your reading this more than likley your a friend of mine, and you know my love of ballet. So don't think of this as a donation to RBT but as a donation to the art of ballet itself. Also thank you to everyone who made my career possible and gave me the oppertunity to live my dreams. 

As a thank you for reading this here is the latest ballet I have chreographed. The ballet starts 1 min in


Marjorie H donated $250.00
by Anonymous donated $500.00

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