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I am a fundraiser for

Roanoke Community Garden Association

Raised: $25Remaining: $475

“Growing Our Own Garden” by Jaymie Gerard


Early every morning

When the sun has just come out

We walk into our garden

With our bucket and our spout

We give the plants a drink

Then we dig out all the weeds

We tend to all the flowers

We pinch off yellowed leaves

And then we pick the vegetables –

Tomatoes, eggplant, peas,

Cucumbers, zucchini,

Beets and mustard greens

Celery and carrots

Onions and swiss chard

Broccoli and peppers

All grow in our backyard

We bring them in and rinse them

Then we chop them up to eat

Growing our own garden

Is the most rewarding treat!

Gardening is such a simple pleasure and for some people it is  one of the only way to have access to healthy fresh food. I love gardening. I want to help those who do not have access to land or resources learn to love gardening. You can help me by helping Roanoke Community Garden Association. Non-profits are run with blood, sweat, tears, and hard work, but funds are also essential. Just like any business a non-profit has costs - electricity, water, salaries (who wants to work for free?), materials, and rent. RCGA gives so much back to the community. Think of the hundreds of Roanoke City residents living in known food deserts who now have access to fresh, healthy food and education to help build sustainability...all because someone had the vision to create a community garden network. (Shout out to the one and only amazing Mark Powell!) Will you help me meet our goal?

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