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Roanoke City Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc

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Roanoke City Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc.    

Sustain the Arts Initiative
Roanoke City Public Schools has a high quality, award winning, and comprehensive arts program.  Roanoke City has been awarded the Best Communities for Music Education since 2013.  Students have performed at Carnegie Hall, The John F. Kennedy Center, Pearl Harbor, and Orchestra Hall in Chicago.  The school system has made a commitment to the arts by providing funding and securing quality full-time arts teachers throughout the district.  Your support is needed to continue the forward momentum.
Your support ensures equitable access for all students and supports various initiatives.
  • Furnishing Instruments
  • Musical Theatre Production Costs
  • Professional Level Workshops and Performances
  • Art Supplies
  • Summer Theatre Academy, Visual, and Music Camps
Benefits to students
“The many hours of practicing has benefited all academic areas, focused me to focus, and pay attention to details,” states Gabe Scott, Patrick Henry Orchestra and six-time Junior/Senior Regional Orchestra member.  Research studies demonstrate students that participate in high quality arts programs achieve higher grades, test scores, and are more involved in their community.
The Need
Our students face a number of obstacles and challenges.  By eliminating financial barriers, we can continue to provide life changing experiences.  The increasing enrollment (doubled in five years) has presented a unique challenge to provide equipment and high quality experiences while building for the future.  Quality instruments can range from $500 to $5,000.  Royalties for a musical can cost $2,500. 
Your generous support will allow us to bridge the funding gap, expand art offerings, and create unique engagements.  A student stated, “Theatre is where bonds are created and you turn from a caterpillar to a butterfly.”  Please help us build a bright future and Sustain the Arts!

Please visit our website for further information.

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