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Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke

$8,840.00 contributions
51 donors

Picture children, their families, Roanokers of all ages, coming together to improve their minds and bodies and to strengthen a sense of community! 
The Kiwanis Centennial Playground Project aims to bring to a high need neighborhood in NW Roanoke, a playground uniquely designed for active play for ALL ages and ALL abilities. The playground will be located in a lovely park setting adjacent to the new Melrose Branch library and Goodwill Industries' Youth Center.  Why there?  Over a thousand school age children live in a neighborhood with two swings and far too little healthy, recreational opportunities.  Childhood obesity rates in this neighborhood are way above national levels.  Too much time is being spent by us all being inactive and stuck to our screens!  

Donations will help bring to Roanoke fascinating musical instruments designed to appeal to autistic children, a braille interactive panel, special sensory slides, a developmentally appropriate preschool area, equipment for children with restricted mobility, workout stations for youth and adults, swings, slides, climbing walls galore!  All of this will be safe, sturdy and attractive!  

You can help make this happen with your donation on Roanoke Valley Gives Day, March 13th, 2019!  All levels of donation help - but if you are able to donate a total of $500 by the end of the campaign you can have your name on a brick that leads up to the playground or if your total donation reaches $1,000 you can be recognized through a paver.  We will track donations made on March 13th to count toward your total contributions to the Kiwanis Centennial Playground.  We need to lay the groundwork for the playground on March 13th with community donations - you can help build stronger children, stronger families, a stronger community through Roanoke Valley Gives donations to the Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke.  

Corwin S donated $250.00
Sarah B donated $25.00
David F donated $500.00
Nancy H donated $25.00
Barry and Alice H donated $75.00
John P donated $50.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Go Kiwanis Club of Roanoke and the Community Foundation serving Western VA


Contribution toward a paver for the Centennial Playground


Go Roanoke!!! Kids need active play - as a pediatrician I can't say this loudly enough!