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Roanoke Outside

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The Roanoke Region is reinventing itself for the 21st century as one of the greatest outdoor towns in the United States. Have we arrived? Nah, we’re just getting started.

Roanoke Outside is a 501(c)3 charitable organization working to make your region the capital for world-class, outdoor fun. We started, Get Outside Weekend Update, Blue Ridge Marathon, GO Fest, and more recently raised the funds to build The Bridges Kayak Launch. Plus, we’ve been the advocate for the many changes that are making this place more awesome than ever. We’ve got plans for even more exciting events and facilities. And you can be a part of it all.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help us continue to push for a future where Roanoke is the greatest place for outdoor recreation.

Here are our Top 8 Reasons to Donate to Roanoke Outside:
1. To be a voice for the outdoors and outdoor users (tell us what you want to see in the region in the donation comments)
2. Connect underserved and diverse youth to the outdoors
3. Improve access to outdoor infrastructure, such as river access points and trailheads
4. Continue to grow GO Fest (we want to show the whole country how cool this region is)
5. Keep shaping the region’s outdoor brand
6. Collaborate with businesses and local nonprofits to build our outdoor culture
7. Continue to leverage our outdoors to attract business and talent (Deschutes Brewery and Humm Kombucha are just two companies that cited the outdoors as a reason to locate here)
8. Conducting a regional outdoor needs assessment, which will be a blueprint for community development for outdoor access (results coming soon)
Want more? Roanoke Outside is busy working to make outdoor activity and environmental stewardship a core component of our community’s lifestyle by promoting a “conservation through recreation” philosophy.
Walt Y donated $25.00
Walt Y donated $25.00
Walt Y donated $25.00
Walt Y donated $25.00
Walt Y donated $25.00
David A donated $10.00

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Roanoke Outside does a great job promoting our region.


Thank you Pete!


Thanks, Pete, for all you do


For our future MTB and outside advocates!