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VBR Star Soccer Club

$10,471.00 contributions
73 donors

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VBR Star Soccer Club, formerly Roanoke Star Soccer Club, began in 1986 with the aim to become the premier youth soccer club in the Roanoke Valley. Over the course of 29 years, it has grown to over 800 kids and 52 travel teams, competing in one of the top youth soccer leagues on the east coast, the Club Champions League (CCL), and in western Virginia, with the Blue Ridge Soccer League (BRSL).

The club provides high quality instructional, recreational, and competitive soccer programs to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18. To guide players through each respective developmental program based on their commitment, ability and desire. At every level, the club will provide superior coaching to all players, regardless of ability or economic circumstance, in a purposeful and fun environment. The club strives to help each player realize their potential as a soccer athlete while using the sport to teach the values of personal fitness, teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.

VBR Star believes that all youth in the Roanoke Valley should have the opportunity to play the wonderful game, by including VBR Star Botetourt, and VBR Star Franklin County. The club also provides over thousands of dollars annually to help underprivileged kids play with financial aid.  The club also competes in numerous college showcase events, and high-level tournaments throughout the east coast. Also providing a number of tournaments for the Roanoke Valley. VBR Star is growing and becoming one of the top youth soccer clubs in the state of Virginia.  
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Dedicated to Greg Cosner #1 Soccer Dad




you guys are doing a great job to occupy our kind with sports and keeping them away from crimes. Thanks


U16G E