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Roanoke Wildlife Rescue

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Roanoke Wildlife Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1988 to provide care to injured and orphaned wild animals in Virginia. RWR is community driven and provides services such as Outreach Education, community service and volunteer opportunities, and programs designed to train future wildlife rehabilitators and individuals interested in pursuing careers as veterinarians, wildlife biologists and other similar fields. 

We believe education is vital to preventing the spread of disease and inappropriate interactions between wildlife and the public. Healthy coexistence with wildlife is accomplished by establishing a respect for wildlife while providing resources for the proper steps to take when assisting injured, orphaned, and displaced animals.  Our Outreach Education programs increase public knowledge about local wildlife and their characteristics, the dangers of taking animals from the wild, the issues associated with rabies and other zoonosis, and the legality of keeping wild animals as pets.

Roanoke Wildlife Rescue also provides the opportunity for the community to be a part of rescuing wildlife by bringing animals to our center which promotes a positive relationship between humans and wildlife.  Opportunities to volunteer and assist in animal care are also available. Roanoke Wildlife Rescue trains every volunteer in the proper care and handling of wildlife. We encourage our volunteers to apply for rehabilitation permits through the VDGIF in order to expand the knowledge and availability of people in our community who are trained to assist in wildlife care.

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