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Foundation for Roanoke Valley

$4,180.00 contributions
21 donors
Foundation for Roanoke Valley has played a very significant role in keeping the Roanoke Valley's nonprofits healthy for nearly three decades.  We make life-changing grants each year to hundreds of organizations - from helping the poor, to educating children, to preserving the environment, to keeping the elderly safe, to so much more.  Our focus is on making sure that as much grant money as possible flows from our endowments out to worthwhile and needed programs.

Additionally, the Foundation is a wide-ranging and complex 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers a multitude of additional services and resources to the community that extend beyond our grant making efforts.  We are truly the center for philanthropy that strengthens the Valley in ways both seen and unseen.

So, if the Foundation has lots of assets, why do we need operating support?

The Foundation is a public charity, just like our grantee nonprofits.  Tasks such as carrying out the full scope of our work, retaining a small but high-quality professional staff, and staying on the leading edge of service to our donors and the community carries associated costs.

We operate frugally - less than 1.5 cents on the dollar of assets.  The modest administrative assessment on our endowments, combined with an administrative endowment fund, covers about 92% of our operating budget, so we must raise the remaining amount each year from community support.

On this Roanoke Valley Gives Day, please consider a gift to our operating needs.  Your contribution will provide that critical difference to help keep the Foundation strong and thriving, so we can continue to meet the long-term needs of the Roanoke Valley!


You are the KEY to our ability to move our community forward!

Sarah K donated $50.00
Carly O donated $50.00
Teresa B donated $25.00
Damon W donated $25.00
Katrina K donated $25.00
Steve P donated $25.00

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A big thanks to my FRV and MACF colleagues for making #rvgives17 a success!


On Behalf of the RVFF


Congrats on a fantastic RV Gives day so far! You are such a great resource for the region!


So proud to work for such a great organization!