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I support Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia!

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia

Raised: $0Remaining: $500

On March 15, please help me raise $500 to support our Administrative Operating Fund!

Foundation for Roanoke Valley has played a very significant role in keeping the Valley's nonprofits healthy for nearly three decades.  We make thousands of grants each year to hundreds of worthy nonprofit organizations.  Unlike your typically nonprofit organization, the Foundation does not provide direct services.  HOWEVER, what we do provide through our grantmaking efforts help the poor, educate children, preserve the environment, keep our elderly safe in the community, and so much more!  

In addition to grantmaking, we are a complex 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers a multitude of additional services and resources to the community.  We are truly a CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPY that strengthens the Valley in ways both seen and unseen.

So, if the Foundation has lots of total assets, why do we still need your support?  We are a charity, just like the rest of the Roanoke Valley Gives participants.  In order to continue to carry out the great work that we do we still need annual operating support!

On this Roanoke Valley Gives Day, please consider supporting Foundation for Roanoke Valley!  Your support will provide that critical difference to help keep the Foundation strong and thriving, so we can continue to meet the long-term needs of the Roanoke Valley!  Help us continue to provide such great opportunities, like Roanoke Valley Gives, to our local nonprofits and the communities we serve!




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