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Blue Ridge Women's Center Inc

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A mother of two teenagers came to Blue Ridge Women’s Center last fall, distressed about her unexpected pregnancy. Andrea* thought this stage of her life was past; having a baby right now didn’t seem possible. She wanted an abortion, but first wanted to determine how many weeks along she was.
The counselor explained all her options – Andrea didn’t think adoption was for her, and parenting seemed out of the question. She thought an abortion was her only choice.
During her ultrasound the following week, the screen showed a healthy baby 20 weeks along. Andrea cried and told the nurse, “I guess you know I’ve changed my mind.”

This is the importance of ultrasounds - snapshots of life. Every woman should be able to see the truth about her pregnancy before she makes her choice.

No, not twins.

It's a matching gift!

For every $100 you donate today, an additional $100 is donated by a matching donor. That means your donation of one ultrasound ($100) becomes two ($200)! (Note - The first $6,000 donated will be matched)

Can you help us "click"100 snapshots of life today? Give a child their #FirstSelfie experience in our ultrasound room!

We believe every woman needs a safe, confidential place where she can discover the truth about all her options. Our goal is to provide her with quality care in a welcoming, supportive environment, and empower her with the knowledge to make her own choice. No matter what choice she makes, Blue Ridge Women's Center will always be there for her.

Safe and Confidential services we provide at no cost to our clients:
• Pregnancy testing and verification
• Pregnancy dating by ultrasound
• Pregnancy options counseling
• Parenting & Life Skills classes
• Baby Boutique
• Reproductive loss support
• Connections to community resources
*name changed to protect confidentiality

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Such a wonderful organization and am proud to help try to save the lives of unborn children!!


In support of all women facing crisis pregnancies


Thanks be to God for this organization !


The work of the Center is truly appreciated. Keep up the great work