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Roanoke County Public Schools Education Foundation

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Whether improving the self-esteem of a single child or better preparing our youth to compete for new jobs, the Roanoke County Public Schools Education Foundation is working to improve the educational experience for all its students. 

The Foundation was formed in 1991 to help young people in Roanoke County Schools meet some of their education and personal goals.  Donations will be used to assist students and teachers in the following educational opportunities: provide scholarships for graduating seniors; fund teacher grants for innovative classroom projects; assist with travel for educational trips; provide assistance for students to attend local, state and national competitions; and assist students in remedial and substance abuse education programs.

Since 1991, we have provided over $900,000 to 1,320 graduating seniors; almost $250,000 to teachers for classroom projects; and over $300,000 for student travel and educational programs; totaling almost 1.5 million dollars.

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