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Katie's Place for Persons with Special Needs, Inc.

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Our Mission:

Katie’s Place mission is to improve the quality of life of adults with special needs by providing them with opportunities to demonstrate skills of self-sufficiency and helping them achieve their personal goals as they contribute to their community in meaningful ways! 

We cook, clean, take care of our house (we are here during the day hours only), learn how to make things, tend to our garden and our chickens and volunteer in our community.  We have partnerships with Straight Street, YMCA, SPCA, St. John's Episcopal Church, Mill Mountain Zoo and many others worthy organizations.  We learn to access public transportation and also walk a lot around town.  More than anything, we just love to have fun while learning and contribuitng!

Anyone interested in attending Katie’s Place may contact us directly or be referred by an agency, such as a Community Service Board, Department of Rehabilitation Services, Behavioral Health Care Center, or Social Services. Families and agency representatives are welcome to tour Katie’s Place! We are open Monday through Friday-8:00AM-4:00PM. Contact us by calling 540-947-2777 or emailing Christy Paderick at: Christy.Paderick@svhservices .org


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