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Total Action for Progress (TAP)

$3,965.00 contributions
60 donors


What is Total Action for Progress?

A commitment to veterans.

Champions for youth.

Refuge for survivors.

Paths for aspiring entrepreneurs.

And so much more.

TAP is a non-profit, community action group based in Roanoke, Virginia. We work to restore hope, dignity, and opportunity for those who want to claim their potential or need a second chance.
We do this by offering over 25 programs designed to help people get and stay out of poverty. These programs range from early childhood education to small business owner assistance. 

See for Yourself What a Gift of Hope Can Do
Click each video to see a story from a real TAP client.

TAP's Fathers First Program

TAP's Employment and Training Program

TAP's Head Start Program

TAP's Real Estate Development Program 

TAP's Veterans Programs

You make all of this possible with your support!

Give the gift of HOPE

TAP is not affiliated with a larger franchise, nor are we a government agency. This means money that is raised for TAP stays here in SW VA, invested in the people that we serve.
We do not provide "handouts." Rather, we work to attack the root causes of poverty by providing opportunity and access to services in these areas: education and career development, business and economic development, and housing and community solutions.

The need in our area is staggering, but your generosity can make a change!
·   $25 means you will contribute to the cost of a student's nurse aide exam on the way toward a new career.
·   $50 means you will help fill the pantry of a family transitioning from homelessness.
·   $75 means you will help a Project Discovery student visit the campus where she'll become the first college grad in her family.
·   $500 means you will help patch a roof and provide a warmer winter for an elderly homeowner.

Thank you very much for supporting TAP!
Katrina H donated $10.00
Kim G donated $50.00
Kim G donated $50.00
Katrina H donated $10.00
Brittany D donated $25.00
Christy A donated $50.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Thanks for all that you do for the young children in our community.


Thanks for all that you do for the young children in our community.


Honoring Owen Schultz for helping TAP keep fightingvthe good fight to overcome poverty and help everyone rise up and reach for their dreams.


In memory of Mrs. Mary Patterson, Beloved Head Start Teacher.