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United Way of Roanoke Valley, Inc.

$1,420.00 contributions
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Raised: $1420Remaining: $4580

Together we improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of people
in our community.

Every dollar you invest in United Way of Roanoke Valley leads to a much greater contribution to our community. Your charitable donation is multiplied through grant funding and then leveraged again by our partner agencies. The United Way of Roanoke Valley is solving some of the biggest challenges in our region, by creating new remedies to age-old problems, right at their core. By investing in the United Way, you make real and lasting change for a better life for those right here at home. Together we will elevate 10,000 families to self-sufficiency by 2030.

Examples of our flagship work include: Rehousing Youth for Success in Education (RYSE), Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke, Healthy Roanoke Valley, and Bank On Roanoke Valley.

For over 90 years, United Way of Roanoke Valley has been partnering with individuals, businesses, other non-profits and local government to develop far reaching, common sense solutions for some of our most important social challenges.  By combining community support, efforts and intellect we are able to work efficiently to improve the most lives possible in the Roanoke Valley, something no single organization, individual or government can accomplish on their own. 

Thank you for being a partner in community change
by supporting United Way of Roanoke Valley!

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