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Virginia Museum of Transportation

$1,091.00 contributions
19 donors

Raised: $1091Remaining: $520

The Norfolk & Western Railway Gave Big To Roanoke decades ago. Isn't it time to give back?

Without the N&W, we'd have no Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, that beautiful "lady on the hill," attracting millions in tourist spending. We'd have no Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital with all the wonderful things happening there now. We'd have no St. Andrew's Catholic Church! Without the commerce the railroad made thrive here, we'd have no Star on Mill Mountain. We wouldn't be Roanoke, or the Star City, or the Magic City, we'd probably still be just little ol' "Big" Lick, and you and I wouldn't even live here!

It was the N&W that first showed the world what Roanoke is capable of--feats of engineering, incredible design, and solid, bottom-line business success. The rails that run through our Valley are a part of the legacy of the N&W, and so are the locomotives and other rail equipment on display at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.

The star of the show is the 611 steam passenger locomotive, the finest in America, and the only one left of its kind. When its restoration was announced, donations poured in from every state and 19 countries, a testament to what a well-loved rock star the locomotive is to the world. Only 6% of funds came from the Roanoke Valley. We are getting ready for 611's spring excursions--get your tickets now at!

Another stat for you: during the recent recession--the worst in decades--this museum doubled its staff and tripled our attendance. We did it by running lean, with a razor-sharp focus on customer satisfaction. Bottom-line, we'll take very good care of your investment in us and multiply it many times over!

Your donation:
---supports the preservation of the 611 and the other legendary rail equipment on display here, plus a stunning collection of antique automobiles and avaition exhibits.
---provides exciting field trips for public/ private/ homeschooled groups that cover every subject--science, history, math, language arts--even art and safety! Many teachers tell us our field trips are the best ones they've ever been on.
---helps us bring in the tourists! A third of our visitors are from out of state or one of 50 foreign countries, spending over $5 million dollars, yen and euros here annually in Roanoke Valley hotels, restaurants, shops and other attractions.
---gives families a fun time together, where they often gain a greater appreciation for their relatives, friends or neighbors who have worked for the railroad.

Yes, it's tax-deductible. Yes, we always need more volunteers (call us at 540-342-5670). Yes, we are the state's official transportation, but No, we get no state or federal support. Less than 1% of our income comes from local governments. With limited public support, we rely on our donors, members, friends, visitors and volunteers to make a difference.

The Museum is a great place for families to come together, to learn more about the community’s history and their own. Thank you for your support which makes every day a great day at the Virginia Museum of Transportation! Come see us!

George K donated $21.56
by Anonymous donated $61.10
John H W donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $12.18
Anne Stuart B donated $30.00
Randall W donated $100.00

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Go 611! See you in May!


Love trains!