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Ward Transitional Services Inc

Ward Transitional Services, a private, non-profit agency, was established in 2016 to provide transition coordination and services along with consumer-directed service facilitation to individuals throughout Southwest Virginia. 

 MONEY FOLLOWS THE PERSON                                                                        
In 2008, Virginia launched Money Follows the Person (MFP) to provide extra supports and services to Virginians who choose to transition from long-term institutions into the community. MFP’s vision is to create a system of long-term supports where funds “follow the person” from the facility to the community by covering extra service needs during the transition process.
There are 44 states that have active MFP grants which are outlined in the 2005 Deficit Reduction Act.  From the onset of the program in 2008 to December 2015, there were 63,337 individuals transitioned from long-term care into the community.  In 2015, 11,440 individuals used the Money Follows the Person program – the largest since the program’s inception.  The state of Virginia has completed 1,001 transitions cumulatively and 175 between January and December 2015.  (Mathematica Policy Research, 2016)
These funds are used to secure safe and appropriate housing in a "qualified residence" (house, apartment, group home, or qualified assisted living facility) through payment of security deposit and first month's rent; provide household furnishings for each apartment; moving expenses, all necessary deposits for electricity, telephone, gas, and water as needed. 
Ward Transitional Services provides consumer-directed personal and respite care service facilitation to individuals on the EDCD, ID, DD, and EPSDT waivers.  Consumers receive assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, dressing, housekeeping, and shopping; along with meal preparation, shopping, and laundry.  Assistance is also given in the community while an individual works or attends medical and social appointments. 
Consumer-directed services, often called self-directed services, empower individuals with disabilities and older adults to have control over the services they receive.  They are given the ability to determine their own personal needs, how those needs are met and who provides care for them, and monitor the quality of the services they receive. 

With community donations, Ward Transitional Services will continue to provide individuals with opportunities to regain and maintain independence in the community by locating and furnishing safe, secure housing along with in-home services that THE INDIVIDUAL chooses.  

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You got this!!


Keep Up the good work. We at The Trinity pharmacy are glad to be part of it.


I n honor of Rodney Clause Birthday wishes. We are proud of you


I'm so happy for you and everyone you are helping ! Love you !