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West End Center, Inc.

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In 1979 the windows on many buildings in the West End neighborhood of Roanoke had been boarded over. The boards were layered in graffiti and profanity. In a vacant lot a soiled mattress lay near scattered needles, needles that were also spread in alleys and even found in the park. These were the meanest streets of Roanoke's neighborhoods. It wasn't the kind of place where anyone wanted to live much less raise a family. 

The situation was desperate...but not hopeless.

In response to these circumstances, West End Presbyterian Church, West End Methodist Church, and the Mountain View Neighborhood Alliance formed a coalition to establish the West End Center as a safe haven for the children who lived in the neighborhood.

Fast forward nearly 40 years: With the help of local businesses, neighbors, and the entire community pulling together today, West End Center serves 150 children with one of the best tutoring programs in the Valley (over 60 volunteers at present), a well educated staff,  and a committed board.

The proof of our progress can be seen in the excellent pass rates of our students. 99% went on to the next grade level. 84% passed Math SOLs and 80% passed Language Arts SOLs.

But there is still work to be done.

41%; the largest part of our funding, comes from individual donors--like YOU! With a waiting list of over 30 children ($25,000 needed sustained yearly to increase program capacity) and buildings in need of renovations we still have a ways to go!


Are you the kind of human who cultivates human kindness?

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Ralph B donated $58.00
Ralph B donated $58.00
Ralph B donated $58.00
Ralph B donated $58.00
Ralph B donated $58.00
Ralph B donated $58.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


WEC has always and continues to make their organization about they youth and the caregivers who benefit from their services


The WEC makes a huge impact in our community.




A very worthwhile and necessary organization