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Frequently Asked Questions for Donors


1. What is Roanoke Valley Gives?

Roanoke Valley Gives is an initiative of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia (formerly Foundation for Roanoke Valley) to support nonprofit organizations and community needs in our region. It serves as a year-round, online giving portal and as the main hub for our annual GiveBig Day scheduled for March 13, 2019.

2. How much of my donation is received by the nonprofit?

There is a modest credit card transaction fee based on credit card type. For Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, this fee is 3.75% of your gift plus a $0.37 transaction fee. 

3. Does my donation go directly to the nonprofit I have chosen?

Yes, the nonprofit you selected will receive your donation by direct deposit to their bank account within 48 business hours.

4. Are receipts IRS approved?

Only receipts that have the standard tax language are approved.  Please verify with the organization directly. All participating nonprofits on the Roanoke Valley Gives website are 501c3 charities.

5. What forms of payment are accepted? 

Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover are available to donate to all nonprofits through Roanoke Valley Gives.  No cash or check accepted.

6. Will I receive a receipt?

Yes, a receipt will be automatically emailed to you immediately using the email address you provided when you submitted your transaction. If you do not receive a receipt then please contact Click & Pledge here.

7. What will appear on my credit card statement for the transaction?

The name of the nonprofit you have donated to will appear on your credit card statement.

8. Does anyone else have access to my information as a donor?

No. Your information goes only to the organization to which you make a donation.  No information can be shared or given unless done so by the organization.  More information can be found here.

9. What happens if I choose to make a donation anonymously?

If you choose to make a donation anonymously, your name will not be published on the Roanoke Valley Gives website. The nonprofit that receives the donation will still have access to your contact and donation information.

10. I have chosen to make a recurring donation, how is this processed?

Your recurring gift will be processed at the time frame you have selected. Each time your donation is processed you will receive a receipt via email to let you know the transaction occurred.

11. What if my credit card declines?

Credit cards can be declined by your bank for many reasons. If your credit card is declined and you would like to know why, then contact the bank that issued your credit card for details. If you still have questions, contact Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia at 540.985.0204.

12. I want to do more! How do I become a personal fundraiser? 

Click here to learn more about personal fundraising.