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Content & Style Guide for Profile Pages Created on Roanoke Valley Gives

Charitable organizations that have completed the process of registering with Click & Pledge to join Roanoke Valley Gives site are ready to create a unique profile page.  All partcipating organizations MUST follow the general contact and style guidelines develped here by Foundation for Roanoke Valley.


Donors visiting the site may be looking for a specific organization or may be browsing orgnanizations that work on cuases of interest to them.  To ensure that all profile pages generally include the same information, each profile page should include the following:
- An organization logo or icon (REQUIRED)
* The profile page will ask you to upload a small and medium-size 'avatar' or logo that will appear with short descriptions of your organization in searches or as donor browse categories.  Avatars are small, so they should be simple and easy to see.  DO NOT use a photograph for your avatar.
- A brief description of your organization including: (REQUIRED)
* The mission statement
* The community your organization serves (e.g. Botetourt, the Roanoke Valley)
* The general programs of your organization (e.g. backpack program, a museum)
* How contributions made to the organization will be used.  The can be general or specific.  For example:
1) Specific: "Your contribution will be used to provide 3 weekend meals and 2 snacks to over 150 children in Roanoke City."
2) General: "Your contribution will be used to support our museum's exhibitions and educational programs serving over 5,000 visitors each year."
- At least one image associated with your organization: This can be an image depicting one of your programs or your physical location, or it can be a stock image that draws the reader into your page.  For all page images, you must have the following:
* A photo attribution listing the photographer and/or organization that provided the picture (e.g. Photo courtesy of Dan McDilda, McDilda Photography)
* All photos depicting minors (childre under 18) must have a signed release form from the parent(s) allowing your organization to use the image in promotional materials.  FRV is NOT responsible for securing permissions and reserves the right to request a copy of the release form associated with the photo on your page at any time.
- A link to your organization's webpage (if applicable): If your organization has a webpage, be sure to include a direct link to that page in your description.  The description on your profile page should be concise and provide the donor with a general sense of your mission and programs.  For those who want to learn more, they should be able to easily access your website.


To ensure that all profile pages have the same look and feel and are easy to navigate, Foundation for Roanoke Valley has established the following style guidelines:
- Font Size & Colors: You can only customize the font size and color in the description section of your profile page.  Please follow these guidelines:
* Description font should be Arial size 14
* The photo attribute can be Arial size 12, italicized
* The basic font color for all descriptions is black.  You may choose to use additional colors to reate headings or break up the pages, but your description should not include more than three other colors.
- Photos: You should include at least one photo and follow these guidelines when inserting the photo:
* Include a border around your image - we suggest 3-5 pixels in size
* You can create vertical and horizontal space around the image to better separate them from the body of the description.
- Donation Customization: (REQUIRED) You will be able to customize suggested donation amounts and add brief descriptions.  Please follow these guidelines:
* Minimum donation amount of $10.  Donors can also enter in their own amount.
* Make any description brief (e.g. $25 for 5 weekend backpacks)
* If you do not have a description, be sure to remove the text that is automatically loaded next to your donation amounts so they don't appear on the page.


To ensure that your page is inviting and follows these basic guidelines, be sure to:
- Attend a FRV training session on creating a profile page.
- Check out the profile page of other organizations to get ideas.
- Write your text ahead of time and make sure you review it for spelling and grammatical errors.
- Keep it simple.  Your page should be inviting and clearly articulate your mission, but it doesn't need to be a dissertation!  Be concise and link to other resources for donors seeking more information.
- Beyong the description, consider using features that allow you to customize that thank you email your donors receive or that encourage them to share their recent contribution through social media.
Keep in mind:
- Your profile page represents your organization to prospective contributions so make sure you are portraying yourself and your organization professionally and responsibly.
- FRV reserves the right to request that content, include but not limited to text, photos, videos, and links, be removed from your profile page.  If FRV makes this request, the content should be removed no more than 24 hours from the time the request was made.  If we repeatedly ask you to remove content or if you fail to remove content in the time provided, we reserve the right to remove your organization from the Roanoke Valley Gives page entirely.
Contact Carly Oliver with questions
at 540.985.0204 or email