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REGISTRATION FOR ROANOKE VALLEY GIVES IS CURRENTLY CLOSED.  If your organization would like to participate in Roanoke Valley Gives 2020, please contact Carly Oliver at 540.985.0204.

Roanoke Valley Gives Guidelines 2019 and Incentive Prize Schedule 
This document includes all Roanoke Valley Gives rules and prize schedules.  (FINAL INCENTIVE PRIZE SCHEDULE FOR ROANOKE VALLEY GIVES 2019 ABOVE!!!)

Adding a User to your Roanoke Valley Gives Account
Organizations may need to add peope, or "Users," to their Click & Pledge accounts.  By default the person who sets up the account is considered the primary user.  Once the account is open that person can add other individuals as "Users" to the account.  This tutorial can also be used to remove "Users."

Nonprofit FAQs

How to Get Technical Assistance (NEW!)
Need technical assistance?  You are in the right place!

Roanoke Valley Gives 2019 Interactive Workbook 
This is an interactive document that helps create, plan and implement your Roanoke Valley Gives day!

Building Out Your Profile Page

Roanoke Valley Gives 2019 Logos 
Feel free to use these logos to effectively market the give day.  Please do not alter.

Please be sure to "Like" the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia's Facebook page and share the video below!

NEW!! WEBINAR: Preparing for Roanoke Valley Gives Day 2019
With Roanoke Valley Gives Day fast approaching, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with your Click & Pledge software.  Click & Pledge Trainer, Susan Higgs, will address the following common questions and much more!

NEW!! Brand Distillers (formerly - ProBonoDay (For Roanoke Valley Gives 2019)
If you were unable to attend the Brand Distillers (formerly ProBonoDay have no fear!  Brand Distillers has provided all Roanoke Valley Gives day participants with a communications plan to help guide you through the weeks leading up to Roanoke Valley Gives Day.



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